Combo Postage: The Winter Update

It's true! The 'Winter Update' is out over two years since the original release of Combo Postage.

Let's get into the patch notes!

Patch Notes:

The Big Stuff:

  • Challenge mode added! Instead of going for big combos, you'll need to clear cards with specific combos to get points.
  • Diagnostics menu added to the Custom room. Track stats related to Custom shifts!
  • Guides menu added to the Records room. Read up on fundamentals, advanced techniques, and strategy.
  • Training room added! A hazard-free place to practice... and more?
  • The soundtrack is now avaliable for purchase!
  • There is now a Linux version of Combo Postage!

Smaller Stuff:

  • The walljump mechanic (which sneaked into the original release as an oversight) has been given a proper animation and is now an official move.
  • There is now a Summer/Winter seasonal cycle split across our world's year. Join Sue on her Summer break starting in our April, and her Winter break starting in our October. (This is based off of your system clock.)
  • You can now view more chats between Sue and her coworkers.
  • The main menu got some upgrades, including room/mode descriptions and extra visual flair.
  • Bailing now speeds up the 'Shift Over!' screen.
  • Swapped out instances of my old penname with my regular name.
  • The 'new player' introduction has gotten an overhaul and allows key and gamepad rebinding.
  • Addressed a rare bounce glitch which would leave boxes untaped.
  • New visual flair for barely avoiding laser beams.
  • Plus, various extra polish and such.

New Settings

  • More Stripe Info: Toggle a new extra indicator of a box's fall-timing.
  • Score Effect has been renamed to Effect Adjust.
  • Clothes Style: Toggle between Sue's classic look and her new winter hoodie.
  • Quick Wrap-Up: Toggle the sped-up 'Shift Over!' screen for ALL shifts, or just after bailing.
  • Box 'Pause' Variant: Toggle an alternate timing avaliable for 'paused' boxes which affects all modes. A small indicator of which variant is active is visible in the bottom-right corner of the 'Shift Over!' screen.
  • Walljump Style: Toggle if walljumping can be performed with the Action button, or if it can only be performed with a 'Flick-Tac' like in the original release.

Thank you for playing!!


Combo Postage for Windows 97 MB
Jan 26, 2022
Combo Postage for Linux (64 bit) 109 MB
Jan 26, 2022
Combo Postage for Linux (32 bit) 115 MB
Jan 26, 2022

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