Two koalas train to become better fighters.
Their pace is slow, but their power is great.
Go! Become better, together.

Sword: Big swing
Forward + Sword: Thrust
Back + Sword: Blink-dodge
Sword while jumping: Eucalyptus blast

Combos increase platform advantage.
There are many paths to victory.
Please, have fun above all. Be respectful to your sparring partner. (Of course.)
Did you know? Plug in two gamepads and you can use them to play. (D-pad's and the A+B buttons.)

Made in a 24 hour span for GMU Jamfest 2019.
Shout out to my GMU buddies and peers! Stay cool, y'all.

Release date Nov 17, 2019
AuthorKirk Lindsay
Made withConstruct
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any)
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count2


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I liked it! In an intense battle, my mate suicided by trying to protect himself with the blink dodge! We didn't know he was going to fall so it was the funniest thing! Also I loved the eucalyptus blast, it's great and you can dodge it easy so it's balanced.  The only thing we didn't liked that much is that the pace is a little too slow. 
Since I made a sumo-ish game as well, I was really into it so I tried it and I think you can do a more complex game without that much of a difficult! Keep going!