Combo Postage!

Hello! After over a year and a half of development, Combo Postage, a downloadable remake of Cardhoard, is coming out on Windows tomorrow!

Here's a quick Q&A:

Q: Is this going to affect Cardhoard?
A: Nope! Cardhoard will be available to play for free online (and offline using the itch launcher!) as usual.

Q: What's new in Combo Postage?
A: Tons! New controls, gameplay mechanics, art, sound, music, options, custom mode, stat tracking... Some might still prefer the original (and that's OK!) but I think most players will enjoy the changes and additions!

Q: How much will it cost?
A: Combo Postage will cost $2.99 USD, with a 33% discount at launch.

I hope you check out the game if you're interested!


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