Super Late Post-Compo Update

I decided to do a light post-compo update to the game for everyone still playing since LudumDare 40 wrapped in December. 


  • A full stack of skulls won't softlock you anymore
  • You can now define your own keyboard controls
  • Both your custom controls and your high score are saved in browser.

Other news:

In case you haven't heard, I've been remaking this game from the ground up as 'Combo Postage,' a downloadable game for personal computers. It will have the same tape n' stomp combo gameplay as the original, but with lots of little additions and improvements. I'm on track to release sometime this summer. If you would like to know when it's out, keep an eye on my twitter, or follow my page.

Thank you for playing,


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I followed you for this game! It is clever, fast, and fun. Thanks for making it!

Update: I have managed to achieve a full stack of skulls with a score of 0 points! It wasn't that hard, but was fun to try anyway.