Created in 48 hours for LudumDare 46.

Left and Right Arrow Keys - Move battery side to side
Up Arrow Key - Quick drop battery
Down Arrow Key - Slow drop battery
Z - Counterclockwise Rotate
X - Clockwise Rotate
Space - Bank power and clear the 'battery zone'

Keep your in-game phone from reaching '0%' as long as possible!
Create a chain of batteries from the green ⚡ at the bottom of the converter to stock up energy.  (Batteries can be chained by connecting the '-' end of a battery to the '+' end of the chain.)
When you're ready, press Space (or reach the 'Safety' line) to charge the phone with the power you've stocked up and 'level up.' This will also clear the 'battery zone' for the next level.
Be warned! Leveling up increases game speed, too. How far can you get?

The negative end of one battery and the positive end of the chain can connect at any side.
Empty batteries (which you'll sometimes be forced to place somewhere) turn into 'garbage' after landing.
Normal batteries fizzle if they land without connecting to the battery chain.
Fizzled batteries turn into 'garbage' when the next battery is placed, unless the next battery connects the fizzled battery. (This grants you a 'chain bonus.')
Leveling up without storing any power will cost you.
There are two gameplay music tracks. (Covers of two of Chopin's Etudes, in fact!) The music is chosen randomly at the start of each playthrough.

The 'level' counter should start at 0, not 1- because of this, the level appears to stay the same on the first 'level up.'

Gameplay Gif:
Gameplay Demo

PS: I didn't have a lot of time to balance the game or add a scoring system. so the game flow isn't quite right. I hope you enjoy it, anyway! 😅

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(9 total ratings)
AuthorKirk Lindsay
Made withConstruct
TagsLudum Dare 46
Average sessionA few minutes
LinksLudum Dare


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I loved playing it! It was really fun and the music was engaging. 

Played this a long time ago but forgot to leave a comment: really awesome work, especially in the small time-scope of a jam! I'm a sucker for new iterations on Tetris mechanics, and this one is great. Super juicy & cute too.

Please try and intigrate :

Y - Counterclockwise Rotate
X - Clockwise Rotate

for QWERTZ keyboards... would be great! other than that it is a cute game! 

(Pardon for my english)

nice game idea :)


the game and concept are both really fun but once you hit around level ten its not possible to do anything except hope you get nothing but live battery's in order to beat your best. (mine is fourteen) besides that a really fun game

Yes, your comment is spot on. Unfortunately I didn't have time to add scoring or properly balance the game, so its structure could definitely use some work. Thank you for playing!